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About Panel Section

SEAAIR 2022 Panel Section



Institutional Research in New Normal Education


Panelist:    Dr. Teay Shawyun (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)

             Dr. Lee, G.J. (Chungbuk National University, Korea)

              Dr. Sophia Shi-Huei Ho(University of Taipei, Taiwan)


                                             Moderator:  Dr. Kim, S. J (Pukyong National University)





Introducation of Panelists

panelist 1



    Dr. Teay Shawyun is an Associate Professor in Strategic Management and was a Consultant at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia (2009 to 2020) retained to develop the university’s integrated electronic ITQAN Performance Management System linking quality-information-planning. He was the President of SEAAIR (South East Asia Association for Institutional Research) from 2005 to 2017. He has been the Editor of JIRSEA (Journal of Institutional Research South East Asia) and a member of the TQA (Thailand Quality Award) Board of Assessors for 15 years. He developed the CHE (Commission on Higher Education) Award-winning IQA system in 2009 for Assumption University of Thailand during his tenure as the Deputy Director & later as Director Center for Excellence (2003 to 2013). He was awarded the best academic staff award by the APHEIT in 2008 and received various grants and awards for research and conferences. With ten years of business experience and more than 40 years of academic involvement as Dean, Associate Dean & Program Director, his educational background includes curriculum development and leading & managing Graduate Schools. This educational backdrop includes teaching MIS and Strategic Management in public schools and public & private universities. His research interests cover Management of Technology, Strategic Management, Quality Management, and Performance Management, including chairing and supervising Thesis & Dissertations. He has published two sets of manuals, four booklets on quality & performance management systems, a book on strategic planning in higher education, more than 80 research publications, and seven book chapters. 






panelist 2


   Dr. Giljae Lee currently teaches at the Chungbuk National University (CBNU) at Cheongju, South Korea.  He was the 2nd and 3rd President of the Korean Association for Institutional Research (K-AIR) and contributed to expanding the culture of data-driven decision making.  He earned his Ph.D in the discipline of Higher Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus and master’s degree of education at the Seoul National University.  Serving as the Provost for the Office of Educational Innovation at CBNU, he is charting out strategic planning of CBNU based on different policy and program evaluation.  Outside the University, professor Lee has actively been involved in various national level higher education policy setting and served various governmental committees including the Committee of Future Education for South Korea at the Department of Education and the Committee for Balanced National Development at Blue House.  Before he joined CBNU, he was the director of the Office of Policy Analysis at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the Office of Institutional Research at the University of Minnesota Duluth Campus.







panelist 3

    Dr. Ho is a Professor and Director of the Institute of Educational Education and Evaluation at University of Taipei (Taiwan). Her research fields are mainly in academic profession, higher education, institutional governance, internationalization, and quality assurance. She was invited as the Director of the Research Center for Curriculum and Instruction in the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER) (Taiwan), the visiting researcher at the Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University, Japan, and the Director of North Region Center for Teaching and Learning as well as Teacher Education program in Soochow University (Taiwan). Currently, she is the Deputy CEO, Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business (ACCSB) Center; Consultant, Taiwan Association for Institutional Research (TAIR); Secretariat Committee Member (SEC), South East Asian Association for Institutional Research (SEAAIR), and the delegate of the Task Force on Action Plan of APEC Education Strategy of Chinese Taipei. She has also joined international research teams doing projects on “Academic Profession in the Knowledge-based Society (APIKS)” and “Doctoral Education Survey (DES)”. Professor Ho has published several journal articles and book chapters and presented at international conferences in the field of higher education.